Star Wars

Star Wars

11″ x 15″

Mixed Media on Illustration Board

One of my friends from back in the OCAD days commissioned me to design a Star Wars shirt for one of her friends. I would have designed anything if she asked because she’s just that cool. It was either this or Spaceballs. The idea is Yoda sensing “a disturbance in the force”/future. The trouble that I had with this one was that as much as I wanted to put every single Sith associate, it would take too long and too much shirt. There are just too many characters. Even though there’s supposed to only be 2, there are probably 100 between the movies, comics, novels, tv shows and games. So I just stuck with the movie, makes it simpler, cleaner and less like Where’s Waldo.

Please visit my friend’s website . Nobody else draws portraits like her. Her line work and sense of colour is outstanding!