Nightcrawler – Collaboration

Nightcrawler – Collaboration

I think that every illustrator has their own unwritten guidelines and rules when it comes to creating art, that’s how their styles are born. I collaborated with my friend at Spent Pencils, Oliver CastaƱeda, he is a fantastic illustrator, one of the best. His rules allow him to draw as dynamically as he does so I embraced the opportunity. Almost everything that he drew is different from how I would have drawn it which made it feel like I was painting as another person. I’m looking forward to doing more of these.

Please visit Oliver’s DeviantArt page: viskratos.deviantart.com.

This was donated to the Kapisanan Philipino Arts and Culture Centre in Toronto and any sale of it goes to support the centre.
Please visit their site for more info on the work and events that they do: kapisanancentre.com