Logan’s Quest

Logan’s Quest

11″ x 17″

Watercolour and Graphite on Watercolour Paper

This is the 3rd in the series of portraits, “Willow’s Journey” is the 2nd. Everything is executed by hand, especially the text in all of the paintings in the series. The text was very difficult and required a lot of focus. I would like to compare it to surgery, which I know nothing about. I could have used a pen or marker to paint these but I wanted to keep it genuine and use paint. I would not have taken the time and care to paint these letters if it was not for an artist named David S Smith. He is a “traditional ornamental glass artist.” He designed an album cover for the singer John Mayer and it is documented in video. His execution is so painstaking that I couldn’t help but appreciate the art of typography. I didn’t like it before, but now I can’t help but find it very interesting and enjoyable. Here is a link to his website and a link to his video. Enjoy!

For Videos on this Painting click here:
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